Welcome to the Ohana

The Team Aloha Project‘s Mission is to set in motion the ripples of positive human connectivity through providing coaching, mentorship and/or moral support, and creating a sustainable environment and community which provides knowledge and resources related to overall health and fitness. In addition, we provide support and encouragement to create a more physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually stronger world, by focusing on the how and why we do what we do – ALWAYS with our Aloha Values and with the Aloha Spirit.

In a nutshell, we want to create a safe environment where people encourage and support each other with the understanding that our personal beliefs and opinions never outweigh the importance of our relationships with other people.  The intention of the stories shared here are intended to be personal.  Our hope: through sharing real stories of real struggles and real triumph of real people we will find universal connection.

ALO, def. 1. sharing 2. in the present, joyous affection, joy
HA, def. 1.  life energy, life, breath
Literally “The joyful sharing of life energy in the present” or simply “Joyfully sharing life”.